8 Ways to Cut Your Winter Utility Bill

8 Ways to Save this Winter

Winter is just around the corner. And Winter, can get expensive.

But by using just a few simple tricks, you can now put some of that utility bill money, toward spoiling your loved ones (and yourself) this holiday season.

Here are a few things you can easily do to your home or apartment, that can dramatically reduce your winter utility bills.

8 Ways to Save this Winter

1. Staying Warm. Probably the easiest thing to do (and with no extra cost), is to layer your clothing, much like you would do when you go outside. The difference is you use thinner layers and dependent upon your activity level you can add or subtract as you feel more comfortable. Keep in mind socks, sweaters and throw blankets to have readily available versus turning up the temperature dial.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

2. Adjust your ceiling fans. If you have ceiling fans in your rooms then you can make them work for you even in the winter. Since heat rises, it is basically getting trapped up towards your ceiling while you are down closer to the floor. While it may seem like the opposite thing to do, turn your ceiling fans on to the clockwise position and allow them to run on low. This will push the trapped warm air back down into the room where you will feel warmer.

3. Utilize Exhaust Fans. Unlike ceiling fans, exhaust fans will work against you. Use them in your kitchen and bathrooms to a minimum because it throws out your warm air. Use them only when needed and make sure to turn them off after use.

Cover Your floors

4. Keep the floors covered. Warm up your floors with rugs if you don’t have carpeting in your rooms. This will help insulate the floor and keep the heat from escaping. It’s especially important in the bathrooms where the cold tile may have you feeling a little chilly.

5. Take advantage of the sun. Pay attention to how the sun hits your windows. Depending on how your home is situated on the property, you may be able to use the sun to help heat throughout the day. Those windows facing the south side will allow for maximum sunlight to enter. Just make sure that when the sun goes down you close your window coverings so that the heat you have captured won’t go away as quickly.

Clean Your HVAC Filters

6. Keep your air filters and registers clean. Make sure you change out your air filters and vacuum the registers. Keeping these vents cleaned out from dust and debris helps your heating unit to function at its best. Keep it as part of your weekly maintenance and you’ll feel the difference throughout the winter.

7. Heat only the rooms you use. You might have that extra guest room or that bonus room over the garage that gets little use. During the colder months, close the registers and doors to these rooms so that your heating unit will have to work less to fill the rooms with warm air. Tuck a towel at the base of the door to help keep the air to flow rapidly underneath and escape your warmer area.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

8. Turn down the thermostat. One of the simplest things to do is to adjust your thermostat. Times you are away from your home and sleeping at night are great opportunities to turn down your thermostat about 10-15 degrees which will save about 10% of your heating bill each month during the winter.

Even with these changes, consider investing in flannel sheets, a warm comforter for your bed and some throw blankets in your lounging areas. It’s all about what you are willing to change and live with while getting the rest of your family on board for the savings.

Hopefully these tips will help to reduce energy consumption and maintain comfortable temperatures in your home this coming winter.


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