6 Fantastic Loyalty Programs to Join

Loyalty Programs

Many of us join store loyalty programs in hopes to benefit from offers or perhaps even free stuff as we accumulate points with our purchases. But which ones are a waste of time and which ones actually are worth the effort? We took a look at some of the most popular out here, and we have a few good reasons to take a look at the ones below.

CVS Extra Care Card

CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare

Just about everyone has a drugstore they like to use, and our favorite for this is using the CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card. Over the course of purchase, you earn 2% cash back in store credit that gets issued to you about every 3 months; it’s that simple. Plus as a member of their loyalty program, you get special sales and promotions to enhance your shopping experience.


Kohls Rewards

Kohl’s Rewards‎

Their Yes2You program allows you to earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 100 points, you get a $5 coupon! And like a lot of rewards programs, you get something special for your birthday. In addition to your birthday present, you get 8 offers throughout each year. Make sure to keep an eye out on your rewards during their sales as the savings can really add up.


Target REDcard

Target REDcard

This one seems to be a no-brainer! Apply for the Target REDcard (a debit card that attaches to your banking service), and when you make a purchase at the store or online, you’ll receive 5% off your total automatically. It’s hardly any easier to save so quickly on everyday shopping. Plus, when you order online, you get free shipping.


Kroger Reward Card

Kroger Rewards

Now if gas prices have you seeing red, you might check out the Kroger Rewards. Everyone needs to eat and why not help yourself out when you go grocery shopping? With every purchase, you accumulate points that transfer to savings at their store owned gas pump. Point to the amount saved may change with the fluctuation of prices, but it doesn’t get any easier to save this way. Don’t have a Kroger near you? Most grocery stores with a gas station will have a similar offer so be sure to check them out!


Ulta Beauty Rewards

Ulta Beauty Rewards

Members in this loyalty program earn a point with every dollar spent. Additionally, members receive special offers to exclusive member events throughout the year and even extra points on special offers. If you are one that likes to save money on typical department store makeup, this is a way to save and even earn a little more all year round. Want a bonus? Shop during your birthday month and get even more point plus $3 every time you spend $100. Now that’s Beautiful!


Office Depot Rewards

Office Depot Rewards

If you focus on just one office supply store, you can get a bigger bang for your savings. With every purchase, you rack up points that can then be converted into store credit for purchases which essentially end up being free. You can also couple their offers by turning in your old ink cartridges as well. Points can accumulate quickly, especially if you buy for an office or home business.


In Conclusion

The bottom line is, if you frequent a store, it might be worth investigating if they have a loyalty program or not. And why not? You typically get savings and build points for future savings on your next purchases. [What’s your favorite loyalty program that you belong to? List it below in the comments. We love to know what our readers are using and why they like them so much.]

While all of these programs are great, sometimes all of the cards and key fobs can get annoying to constantly carry around. Well, we have found a helpful solution with that! If you have a smartphone and are into organization, you need to check out an application called KeyRing (https://keyringapp.com). Simply scan your card barcode, and it stores it for you! No more wondering if your set of keys has the fob or wondering where did you last place that card. It’s all on your phone and can be scanned in easily by the cashier. Happy earning everyone!


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