Has anyone bought from Belk.com? *UPDATE* IT CAME!!!! Pic in Comments

Belk is a very popular department store here in the southeast. They’re in pretty much every mall in NC. They’re not a sketchy company if that’s what you’re worried about.

ETA: I work in a store where we fulfill orders that customers place online (idk if Belk does this or if all of their orders get fulfilled through their DC). What happens when we scan out an order to be shipped is a UPS label is created and the tracking number is automatically generated. Let’s say the package gets pushed off to the side or under the counter by accident and doesn’t get put on the truck, you’ll get an email with the tracking number because the label was created, but it’ll just show that the label was created and there has been no movement. What usually happens is the customer will end up calling customer care and they’ll call us because we were the fulfilling store and they’ll ask what’s the status of the package…that’s when we’ll realize that it got mixed up or pushed off to the side by accident and well send it out next day air. That’s what it sounds like could have happened here but I don’t work for Belk so of course I can’t say for sure.

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